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Becoming a consultant working at UNIMATES Vietnam, you are an indispensable part of the entire business.

We believe that every employee at UNIMATES always has the qualities and outstanding efforts to get their job well-done and continuously contribute to the development of the company. Therefore, you need to prove your ability and passion in the field of education as well as consulting to ensure the maximum benefit for students.

For example, to become a consultant at UNIMATES, you must go through 4 internal tests, including 1 language test with the equivalent of IELTS 6.0, 1 test of general knowledge, 1 test of analytical thinking ability and 1 test of in-depth knowledge on issues related studying abroad in the country you are in charge of VISA policy, job opportunities, immigration, environment and culture to bring the most accurate information to parents and students. 

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As an UNIMATES Education employee, in addition to the benefits based on competency, here are some fundamental benefits for you:

Insurance: Employees at UNIMATES are insured under the current policy of Vietnam Social Insurance (Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance,…)

Annual leave: Employees have 15 annual leave and 3 special vacation leave. You are allowed to participate in annual foreign vacation after completing the first working year with good results, all hotels and resorts in the vacation are 4-5 stars.

Bonus policy: In addition to the 13th month bonus, employees will be rewarded with quarterly and annual bonuses according to their abilities evaluated by their individual achievements and customer praise. 

Monthly company party: Every month, the company has budget for team building activities including company parties, watching movies, playing adventure games,..

Training in US/Canada/Europe: Employees completing the first working year and being re-signed for 2 years or more are paid for short-term training in US/Canada/Europe where UNIMATES’s partners are located at a cost of 60,000,000 – 100,000,000 VND per trip as an opportunity to experience the real life in those countries to provide better knowledge for students and parents

​And other benefits based on the employees’s capacity and scope of responsibility. 

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